Japanese Shoji Screens

What is Shoji Screen? – Sliding Doors & Room Dividers
When you hear the word “Shoji” (pronounce “show-jee”), probably many people here in Australia. imagine a freestanding wood frame screen with translucent “rice paper” on it. In modern Japan, Shoji means wooden sliding doors with translucent paper on. These doors slide on wood tracks very smoothly and quietly, work as a room divider or window coverings.

Our Shoji are suitable for a range of applications and we can recommend, design and supply screens and hardware to suit large or small openings. Sliding screens can be hung on a top track or slide along a bottom floor track. Shoji are not limited to sliding screens as room dividers. Other applications include:
1. Sliding window Shoji for double glazing (in place of shutters or blinds)
2. Wardrobe Shoji
3. Free Standing Shoji
4. Bi-fold stacking Shoji

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