DIY Measuring Guide

Simple Guide for Measuring your Window

1. Always use a metal tape measure.
2. Always write down your measurements width x drop. Take care not to reverse them.
3. We require your measurements in millimetres (mm).
4. Measure every window, as they may have a slight variation that will affect your window furnishings from fitting perfectly.

How to Measure for Recess Mount (fitting your blinds or shutters inside the window frame).
A. Measure the width in three places, Top, Centre and Bottom.
Measure from the inside opening edge of the recess to the opposite edge.
Use the smallest of the three measurements.

B. Measure the drop in three places, Left, Centre and Right.
Measure from the top of the opening of the inside recess to the bottom of the inside sill.
Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Important Notes for Shutters: Make sure you have enough depth to mount the shutter inside the frame, to allow the louvres to rotate to the open position, you will require a minimum clearance of 80mm. Look out for any obstructions, such as window-winders, frame protrusions or key locks.

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